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Może lekko przynudzę ale nie mogę się powstrzymać żeby te 2 szoty tu wrzucić.

a ten szot ze wzgledu na wyłaniającego sie osobnika w lewym dolnym rogu który udaje potwora z loch nes


15.09.2012, 05:08 ::
Kerry Reid / It's a shame that they relegated so many wernins to the non-televised portion of the broadcast in order to run what were essentially commercial promos for shows that weren't nominated and don't need the free publicity ( Young Frankenstein, anyone?)I was never a huge fan of the split broadcast between PBS and CBS, but that was better than completely ignoring major categories, including the regional Tony winner (and I'm not just saying that because Chicago Shakespeare won this year I think it would be interesting for viewers to get a glimpse of the kind of work available away from Broadway).Still, as a Letts fan, I was pleased. And the news that the original August cast will be mostly making the transfer to the London production is also exciting.Here's hoping Stew decides to tour Passing Strange anyway, because I'd love to see it.

27.07.2009, 08:59 ::
Kooozak! Tak trzymaj Maro ;)

Foty też wypas, dobry fotograf ;)

26.07.2009, 11:51 ::
łał. Oo